Simon O'Connor
Extensive Full Stack Engineering and Team Leading experience
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To provide the all too rare mix of sound and extensive technical knowledge and experience with fantastic interpersonal skills. This combination will provide your company with an employee who can 'bridge the gap' between the technical and sales areas of your business, allowing a tighter and more efficient marriage between the often disparate areas.

Expert in Web Application design and development using React, Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, Java, AngularJS, Actionscript and SQL (PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MySQL, Oracle).

Ample experience in AWS with ECS management, CI/CD and Elasticsearch implementation.

Extensive experience in the installation and management of large Campaign Management Systems and the design and management of the databases beneath them.

Have run classroom training sessions and in-company training and ongoing support for campaign systems for large scale companies.
12/2016 - Present
Technical Lead, Team Lead & Senior Software Engineer
Melbourne, Victoria
React, Node, Java, Javascript/Typescript, HTML, AWS, Docker, CI/CD, Salesforce, Agile, Team Management
Technical Lead of the Welcomes product and Senior Developer across HROnboard's two products, Offers and Welcomes
  • Technical Lead of the Welcomes product within HROnboard

    Aiming to 10X the developers of the team and plan and implement a technical direction for the product.

    In this capacity have built out our Technical Debt roadmap.

    Have personally built our automated E2E testing stack that can be run locally for developer testing, or within our deployment pipeline.

    Am an advisor to the ELMO's internal SSO project.

  • Development Team Lead

    Lead productionisation of Welcomes

    Lead the process of taking the Node/Typescript based Welcomes project from prototype to a production system used by some of Australia and New Zealand's leading companies.

    Performance and stability improvements

    Identified and improved many areas of our codebase as usage of the product grew. Sometimes leading to 100X performance increases.

    For a number of months lead both projects

    Spent a number of months leading both projects, being sole developer on one and handling issues around system stability and scalability.

    Further improve cloud hosting and deployment processes

    Improved our usage of AWS ECS, Cloudwatch and Insights and the methods we use to deploy our applications.

    Future planning for technical direction

    Making decisions on current and future work to allow the Welcomes product to scale and deliver features that our customers find engaging.

    Replaced Java local Lucene Index with cloud Elasticsearch

    Moved the Offers Java product off a file based Lucene Index to using Elasticsearch hosted in AWS

    Built Automated Salesforce data Flow

    Designed and built an automated process to provide our Customer Success team with up to the minute data about our customer's usage. Was a long process, detailed here

  • Senior Software Engineer, working on HROnboard's suite of Employee Management applications.

    Creation of integration framework

    Designed and implemented the industry leading Java based integration framework and adaptors that HROnboard uses to communicate with 3rd party applications.

    Feature builds across both applications

    Built out numerous features across both the Java/Spring/Hibernate/React Offers product as well as Typescipt/Node/React Welcomes

5/2015 - 12/2016
Future Business Systems
Web Architect
Melbourne, Victoria
AngularJS, Javascript, HTML, Bower, Gulp, Node, Design
Architecting and implementing the migration of the company's text based user interfaces to web based AngularJS applications. Projects built:
  • Large scale AngularJS componentized, Lazy Loading System

    As the architect, engineer and sole client developer, created a modular framework and system to load, on demand, any number of user programs via lazy loading. Blog article, with code here

  • Plugin free remote viewing capability for technical support

    Developed a system whereby an authorised technical support user can request to view a user's session, and see their interaction with the program in real time. This is done entirely in browser and works on desktop and mobile browsers.

  • Multiple user facing web applications

    Using the system mentioned above, built and tested a number of user facing web applications which implemented systems previously requiring the use of terminal services.

2009 - 5/2015
Lead Software Engineer
Melbourne, Victoria
AngularJS, HTML, Javascript, Java, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, SAML, OAuth, Adobe Flex, Actionscript
Design, plan and implement a wide variety of software solutions for clients and internal use. Projects involved with include
  • easiView HTML

    As part of a two man team, completely rebuilt our existing Flex based easiView charting application as an AngularJS HTML application in the space of only a few months, backed with Protractor based End-To-End testing and Karma unit testing. (I wrote a blog post about my code design here.)

    The application provides access to 'Big Data' sized datasets in an easy to use, yet still flexible, web front end. Incorporating charting, maps and raw data exporting, it demonstrates a wide set of abilities, and is also compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

    Have also been deeply involved in the Java backend to the application, writing a number of servlets to serve easiView and supporting products, including SAML based authentication libraries

  • DOVE Adobe Flex Framework

    In collaboration with a colleague, we created a framework for quickly creating actionscript applications with excellent separation of data, visualisation and business logic. Based on my previous architecture created during coding of ANZ Business Insights we have improved and refined it to the point it makes application creation a much faster and more robust process. DOVE stands for Data, Object, View, which speaks to the driving methodology behind it.

  • easiView Flex

    Using the DOVE framework we created a productised, cloud based application using Adobe Flex which gives companies easy access to charts and maps of their business data. This sits on top of DoubleIQ's custom designed data delivery back-end which serves data in an easy to traverse and analyse manner.

    Through the use of Flash Builder to develop this product we also have mobile versions of the application for iOS and Android devices running from largely the same codebase, which results in hugely reduced development time when updating either version of the product.

  • ANZ Business Insights

    Coded the vast majority of the client for ANZ's award winning Small Business tool. Created using OpenLaszlo to deliver a Flash based web application to investigate how your small business is performing compared to like businesses in your area or nationwide.

    Incorporates sound business logic implementation, high security for handling bank sourced data, information overlaid on Google Maps using a PostGIS powered geographic database, a custom video player, and a highly interactive experience.

  • Diabetes Australia Victoria's, Diabetes Epidemic website

    Is an example of how customised an easiView powered website can be. I built it in a very short period of time to demonstrate the increase in diabetes within Victoria over ten years using a custom interface that bares little resemblance to a standard easiView installation. This site also provides dynamic creation of custom Word compatible documents to send to your local member using a library extended by myself.

  • Energy Makeover's SEED Application

    Used by the company's assessors, this is a flash based application which has a large number of interactive sections which an assessor uses to perform an accurate assessment of a building's energy efficiency and generate custom recommendations based on findings. This application generates a polished custom PDF with illustrations and graphs for the end user.

    I also built a mobile tablet version of the same application with the addition of the ability to use the device's camera to capture points of interest during the assessment.

  • easiModel client

    To serve DoubleIQ's easiView clients, a sophisticated data transformation process exists to take data from many disparate sources and conform it to star schemas for ease and speed of report building and queries. In order to make this be able to be designed and controlled by users who are not absolute experts in these processes we set about creating an interactive client where users could perform these tasks in a way which helped them understand the data transformations.

    While most of the heavy lifting is done by database functions, there needed to be a visual representation of the relationships between all of the parts of system being built. I took an existing Actionscript library called Flare and modified and extended it to work within the Flex Framework and using the advanced spark skinning architectute. Eventually releasing it as a new library called FlareForFlex on my personal blog.

  • OAuth secured Help documentation for all applications

    To deliver help content to all of our applications securely so that only authorised users are allowed to access it, I set up a Drupal CMS and configured a REST service with 2-Legged OAuth authentication running on it, (this being the only case of this being done I could find on the web, I blogged about that too). As a companion piece to that, there is a Java Servlet we deploy with any application we wish to have help served to.. Then, based on a configuration file each application can be served just the help content it should be and never see any meant for other applications or clients.

  • LDAP controlled Dynamic Internal Portal

    Designed and coded a Java servlet/tag based HTML secure portal that features automatic login via access through a Cisco router, linking to an LDAP server for accessing of user's access permissions to drive dynamic content within the portal.

4/2002 - 2009
Marketing Support
Melbourne, Victoria
Chordiant CMS, Unica CMS, Business Objects, Javascript, HTML, Oracle SQL
Technical support, administration, development, design and consulting for marketing solutions and implementations by DoubleIQ. Projects involved with:
  • Telstra CMS

    Administration,training, technical support and development of the Telstra Campaign Management System that handled all outbound Telemarketing and Direct Mail marketing for the Consumer, SOHO and Small Business departments.
  • TRUenergy CMS

    Coding of internal web-based interface for campaign management functions. Database design and documentation. Database stored procedure coding for database population and data auditing.

    Consultant for the implementation of, and training in, the AXA Campaign Management System
  • AmBank (Kuala Lumpur)

    Consultant for automation of tasks within the AmBank Group's Campaign Management System.
1/2002 - 4/2002
Freelance consultant
Melbourne, Victoria
Perl, Javascript, HTML, SQL
Providing consulting on campaign management methods, difficulties and strategies to companies. Designing campaign management systems from ground up, and as additions to current systems.
3/2001 - 12/2001
Sharinga Networks
Interactive Marketing Software Specialist
Melbourne, Vic, Aust. & San Bruno, CA, USA
Perl, Javascript, Unix, HTML, DoubleClick, SQL

Handling the technical aspects of the creation, delivery and management of Sharinga's marketing products.

This involved the installation, management & administration of a DoubleClick Network, as well as custom techniques to deliver content unique to the Sharinga offering. To accomplish this, Perl, JavaScript and HTML was used to facilitate the creation and management of content for use in the DoubleClick system.

Was also closely involved in alterations and updates to the company's Data Warehouse, including data and structure definitions and usability requirements.

Was relocated to the San Bruno, California office to manage and implement the Campaign Management System, liaise between the Technical teams, Management and the end users in Marketing and further develop our technologies.

12/1999 - 3/2001
Technical Communications Officer
Melbourne, Victoria
eGain, Lyris, Perl, Javascript, Unix, HTML, SQL

Administration, installation and management of the company's inbound e-mail system and was closely involved in evaluating and choosing eGain over packages such as Accucast, Unity Mail, Mail King etc.

Managed escalated technical issues (last point of escalation), fault finding and reporting with the FreeOnline service, administration and management of the outbound bulk e-mailing system (Lyris), html creation of e-mail communications and image manipulation.

Created interactive forms, interfaces and images for various sections of the FreeOnline website as well as being a consultant on the design of numerous pages within the site.

Handled the operation of the billing system within the company for users of the FreeOnline ISP. This required good knowledge of Unix, Perl and SQL as well as the workings of relational databases.

Also project managed the creation of a Campaign Management System to handle the creation and reporting of marketing campaigns delivered by one of a number of content types, including e-mail and pop-up ads.

Provided LAN support and maintenance to a diverse range of systems including Solaris, Linux, Windows NT-2000, Windows 95-ME and MacOS 8.5-10. Also handled the NT based tape backup system, telephone system maintenance and patching duties.

Laszlo Systems
USA-California-San Mateo
Accredited OpenLaszlo Instructor (Only person accredited in Australia)
Business Objects Universe Designer course
Monash University
Bachelor of Computer Science (with additional 3 years of Electrical Engineering studies)
Available on request